The King or Queen is a title used within Cynadel to represent the leader of the country.

About Edit

The King or Queen is a title that is inherited from the previous one, and passed down through House Ezemys. The role came about after the treaty that separated Asaldur, and Cynadel's government was formed. They have complete rule in the capitol city of Cynadel, Regamast, and have control over how the Barons control their territories. The King has the ability to grant or take away a title from anyone, regardless of their birth or position.

History Edit

There have been 55 men and women to hold the title of King or Queen throughout the Current Age. The following are several notable ones:

  • Cynrik Ezemys, Founder and first King of Cynadel.
  • Pikkalet Ezemys, the Undying. Holds longest rule of any King lasting over 80 years.
  • Talon Ezemys, the current King.