There are a variety of coins through Asaldur that are used as a currency. Several sparser areas have resulted in bartering instead, due to low amounts of available currency. The merchants of Merchant's Key almost only ever deals in the coins of Asaldur.

Coins Edit

There are 7 different coins that are generally used within Asaldur, and these coins are split into three different types, gold coins, silver coins, and copper coins. The gold coins are the Aur and the Gull. The silver coins are the Argent and the Parec. The copper coins are called the Ram, the Os, and the Kobber.

Gold coins are rarely seen by common folk, and usually only ever in the hands of wealthy nobles and merchants.

Below is a table for compared value of each coin:

Aur Gull Argent Parec Ram Os
Gold Aur 1
Gull 5 1
Silver Argent 50 10 1
Parec 100 20 2 1
Copper Ram 1,000 200 20 10 1
Os 2,000 400 40 20 2 1
Kobber 4,000 800 80 40 4 2

Barter Edit

For more isolated areas, such as tribes within the forests, it is commonplace to see bartering being used as a substitute for currency. In some cases, bartering is used among peasants to receive goods or services more easily rather than having to change it to currency.

Bank Notes Edit

Bank notes are very rare to see within Asaldur, and are almost only ever seen for very large purchases. The bank note is a contract with a bank to handle the transaction of money for a customer. Thus, the owner of the bank note may sign it and hand it to another person who may then bring the signed bank note to the bank to receive the payment in full.